Lana's Butt


I spend a great deal of my creative time on Magical Misfits worrying about how it's received. Riley is my sounding board we communicate quite a bit through Facebook and email. She pointed out to me that I should worry less about pacing and worry more about telling the story. I was very tempted to drop today's strip in favor of moving the story further along but I realized that the human interaction or in Lana's case the hybrid human interaction. Is just as important to the story as the tempo. Now that it's done, I really like today's strip. I think it shows two young women who like each other throwing barbs in each other's direction.
When drawing my wing characters such as Lana I always wonder what their chairs would look like. For example how would Lana sit in a barker lounger? What would be comfortable for character such as Warm wind or Summer? Today I got to explore that a little bit.
On a different note I think we've lost a lot of readers due to Drunk Duck's misadventures. That is why am so worried about the comments lately I worry that the three or four comments I'm getting are indicative of the loss of readership. One of Drunk Duck's problems is that the stats no longer work. So I have no idea what my readership is like at this time. On my own site, I am trying to get black knight to institute a stat system so I can see how that site is doing. The system works on Smack Jeeves just fine which shows me know and reads there. As always thanks for reading and I love comments. Ron

Mon, 18 Nov 2013

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