Sleepy Dragon Rider


The best job in the world has aspects that suck. It's a fact of life. The young riders and dragons have it harder on these long patrols then their older colleagues by virtue of the fact that the saddles get cooler and more comfortable as the dragon grows. just look at Dlanors borrowed saddle. Granny's saddle is a castle the size of a small city. It is the ultimate. Now some of you secret OSHA agents are probably a bit appalled by Spar's little dismount remount stunt. Don't be Spar is wearing a Dragon rider's cloak made by her Grandmother. If she had missed Didi the worst that would have happened was she would have drifted into the sea and gotten wet. They don't make timid people into dragon riders so these kind of stunts are just the way it is. Probably a good thing her Mom Binical didn't see it though.

Wed, 10 Feb 2016

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