Today the great and powerful OZ graces our page. What? Oh, Well we couldn't get him so here's my good friend Curt instead. Curt has been Reading Magical Misfits since the beginning. He and his wife have become very good friends of Donna and Me. So putting him in a strip was long overdue. It's not his first Cameo. A few years ago he appeared in Riley's Public Humiliation.
Now for the excuse. I had to make an emergency trip into California to move my sister to Arizona when her moving company decided to just not show up. Its a seven to ten hour drive one way. We spent the night and came back. She has this couch. My son and I carried it to her new second floor apartment. I was beginning to think I would never be able to bend over the tablet again. This strip took three weeks to draw. My back is starting to feel better. but leaning forward still is not fun. I am being very careful. I need to draw! I want it back!

Thu, 20 Jul 2017

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