First it is my Birthday and I am now legally old. But enough of that. The character Baby Krieg who is mentioned but does not appear today is one of my oldest Magical Misfits characters. I know her very well. Baby was always the mental health specialist of all the healers. I know this because I always thought I would use this ability. Here we are fifteen years later and boom I finally have a use for the ability. HK is messed up. How could she be anything else? She was sold as a child to an unspeakably evil villain and forced to do unspeakable things. But HK had an ace in the hole. At night Lan Hades would visit her dreams and make repairs. Lan knew that his own student, Lana,would need HK and he prepared her for that job.
Now HK is a pretty well put-together young lady when by rights she should be a screaming lunatic in a rubber room. Lan did alright by Lana’s apprentice and didn't once steal her under wear.
In case you all haven't noticed I am really enjoying my necromancer reaper. I hope you all are too.

Mon, 05 Apr 2021

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