Sierra Nevada was a Ranger. It was a career that her mother Tian Shan made her take up. Sierra Nevada was always in thrall to her mother up until she arrived at the Town of Haven with the mission to assassinate Bollard Ironkeel. Before she could do that, the evil Wizard transferred the whole town to President Petersen’s realm. The transference broke Tian Shan’s hold on her oldest daughter. As a result,Sierra Nevada had her first taste of freedom. She joined Bollard and her new friends resisting Petersen.
Tian Shan only reestablished the hold when she arrived at the Institute and found her daughter there. This time it was Swabby using her Rune ability that freed Sierra Nevada.
During her time of freedom, Sierra Nevada discovered that she did not like being a Ranger, but what could she do? She was a bit old to start a apprenticeship. Most masters would be hesitant to take on a new apprentice her age. And truth be told, she had no idea what she wanted to be. Enter the Charm Maker. Now Sierra Nevada is a Master Charm Maker that happens to be a really good shot. No matter what Hindu Kush may think she is what she is.

Fri, 20 Aug 2021

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