Five Claw and Seelenscher


Lana originally was just a tenant in the building where she rented a small suit of offices. She met clients and did whatever it is Necromancers do. But her fellow tenants were repelled by the thought of sharing the building with a zombie master. The landlord went to Lana to try and get her to leave but Lana who was doing very well money wise, offered the being too much money for the building instead. Lana solved the other tenants issues by buying out their leases and putting them on the street. Now she has a whole building for her agency. As fate would have it the building has a storefront as part of it. So now Sierra Nevada gets the shop she wanted. We will learn more about this building as time goes on. Now if only Hindu Kush can survive her guest.

Fri, 27 Aug 2021

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