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The party last night was fun. I always pictured my fantasy cartoonist career as having a state of the art studio (I like the word sudio) with a large picture window and a wrap around deck. A place with an easy chair to contemplate stories. A drawing board and a state of the art computer system. I could see myself standing in front of the window looking at some breath taking view while contemplating my next story. The realty is a bit different. I have a small table in the family room that I share with the rest of the family. Any time I work on my strip I am available for odd jobs since "I am not doing anything anyway" My drawing board is the kitchen table since my real drawing board does not fit in the family room. The computer system is "what I could afford". But! I've got the view dammit! Nice mountains outside the back slider and you can't pay for that kind of view!. Just a little rant thanks for reading.

Sat, 08 Apr 2006

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