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I am sometimes my worse enemy. Take HK's Reaper design. She is made up of a great many transparencies and layers. Making her half a skeleton would have involve much drawing half a skeleton over and over. I thought it important that you, the reader see that she is half a skeleton but I wasn't really excited about drawing half a skeleton every time HK appeared. So I gave her the opera gloves and grey tights. This saved me many bones. I was going to short cut on her wing but I couldn't bring myself to. Many of the sketches have intricate bird wing and bat wing structure. Instead I winged it, so to speak. The wings are really bad but simple to draw.Then in a fit of insanity I gave the First Mate short sleeves! Why did I do that? By the time the Captain appears I was thoroughly sick of arm bones. I started on the Captain and gave him a long sleeve shirt long coat and gloves. Then the little dim bulb in my head came on. Why didn't you give the first mate long sleeves??????? I don't know, rest assured the next time we see him he will have bought a new shirt!

Fri, 31 Mar 2017

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