First we will have mhalpern and Dragonfire10503 will retire to neutral corners. I am gratified that the books inspired son much discussion.
Anyway Paladin, as you all have probably surmised is a character from my books Transport Betty and Dance.
I should tell you all that have read them that the books and the comic take place a few years apart. Why? I’m lazy. I needed a character for book three which happens at the same time as Transport Betty and Dance.
The main character needed a good friend who was also a super. Nightingale was perfect except that she was to junior. In the comic Nat is just about to get her commission. But I needed her to be older and more senior, a Captain, hence I shifted the books a few years into the future so I could use Captain Natalie Defelsen Aka Nightingale as a support character. She is Arya Marie Smalls Captain USMC’s good friend.
The time being portrayed here is about the time Paladin secured the contract to oversees all American Superheroes.
This is the link is the story of Sharkface

Fri, 11 Sep 2020

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