The End is Near


Some background is in order. Yes Dancer Krieg did murder Gogo. But Wander was close at hand and raised her from the dead. Cost him too. Wheels realized that he was a wizard level healer and put him on the Wizard council, much to Wander’s chagrin.
As a result Dancer has been at Wheels bec and call ever since. I guess she snapped, or there is more here than appears to the naked eye.
As fo Hindu Kush, she is making good use of Shadow Walk, her reaper power. It does not make any noise so no “point, pop” or whatnot sound effects.
And just a little spoiler, bad as this already is HK is going to make it worse. So stay tuned same owlbat time same owlbat channel.

Sat, 19 Sep 2020

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