Hell of a Day


This page gave me every king of problem. That’s why Spooky and Bone’s transparency didn’t work right. All self inflicted of course but I was just to lazy to redo it.
HK is showing she’s not totally good. She has a little larceny in her soul. This might come back to haunt her later. The Kreigs, both sides of the family, are very protective of their secrets. Someone having a body part, and don’t forget Dancer’s swords are part of her. Anyway someone other than a Kreig having them is not a good thing for them.
Another point, there is a loot law on Terra, if you defeat an enemy in legal combat, such as self defense or protecting others, your opponent’s gear and body become your property. Everyone in the court yard, especially the Kreigs are hoping HK has forgotten that little point.

Wed, 23 Sep 2020

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