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It would be a mistake to overlook the other ramifications of Dancer attacking the Institute. The first being she got through the wards. Second she attempted to assassinate the Headmaster/Grand wizard’s father. She was thwarted in the attempt by The happenstance of on of the institute's apprentices being nearby and defeating Dancer in single combat.
Then the Kriegs arrive and take over the crime scene from the Institute security forces. They make a scene over the fact that Dancer’s swords and severed arm are missing. They then whisk the body away. Might I add that the Kreigs that arrived are Panzer Krieg’s children not Naght Kreig’s. This will start the rumor that Panzer is and always has been in cahoots with his brother Naght. Wheels will need to respond this.
The good news for Hindu Kush is that her part in the drama will gradually be forgotten amid all the political unrest.

Fri, 25 Sep 2020

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