Good Night Kiss


A good night kiss is different things to different people. It’s easy to forget that Hindu Kush is still very young and lacking in social skills due to her being captive of the Mind Flayer for so many years. Twenty-Two of Twenty-two is one of her few peer friends. Lana, Fox Fur and Alpha are (big kids) for lack of a better label. They are mentors to her rather than co-conspirators like Alpha, Foxy and Lana. HK could have made friends with Lucy and Blue had she not been steered away from membership in the lair. So the kiss good night was huge for her. She is powerful and respected by the living and the dead. But she is still a kid.
Alpha on the other hand is much further up the social ladder. Her mentors Foxy and Lana have prepared her much better for social interaction and more complex relationships. She is ready for Jandur, even if the relationship might be doomed she has her eyes wide open and she is living in the moment. HK and Alpha are right where they need to be and that makes it look like Triple D will just have to go back to the dorm and take a nice cold shower.

Mon, 30 Nov 2020

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