Return of Terran Scout


KAM asked the question “does Summer own a coffee shop at the Mall” yup she does and she’s probably sorry she picked today to visit her property. Mhalpern asked who was flying Wayward Wings. For those of you who don’t recognize them it is Sandy Ironkeel, Captain, Hawser Ironkeel, First Mate/Co-pilot. And of course Jabber the boggle bother of the Rogue Flit.
Sandy was captain of the then Terran Scout for many years with her life long friend Tiller Ironkeel as her first mate. After the passing of Sandy’s husband she is at loose ends. Tiller is off commanding a star cruiser. So she got her great-grandson Hawser to help ferry the old scout to the fortress. It seems that this job will be extended indefinitely. Now as for Jabber he has been studying to be a JOAT. That’s Jack-of-all-trades. He trained aboard the star Freighter Wanderlust. JOATs do everything aboard a ship. They repair and maintain all the equipment and cook. So now you know what you need to know.

Fri, 24 Sep 2021

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