Loss of Blood Talking


Back many years ago I served on a Submarine. One day the Captain surfaced and gave us a Swim Call in the middle of the ocean. I was put on shark watch. I was armed with an M-14 rifle. I was told to watch the opposite side of the ship from the swimmers. My instructions were to not wait for orders if I saw a shark. Sure enough about half an hour into the swim a shark came up on my side of the ship. I popped off three shots at it. Did I hit it? I dunno but to my horror all my Officers who had had their back turned, The Captain ,XO and Navigator wanted me to produce the shark! Needless to say that shark was on his way too complain to Davy Jones. They were so mad at me for firing the rifle and spoiling the swim call. They very nearly convinced me that I hadn't seen a shark. Much like Haley's sisters have almost conviced her. In my case the lookout finally chirped in "Holy s--t sir that thing musta been twelve feet long. I was very relieved.

Wed, 21 Sep 2011

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