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930 hits for 5 Apr wow Ties for my record high. Nice B-day gift!
Todays strip was inspired by Joff awhile back when the gnomish dishwasher jumped the Dragon hunters. I've been trying to work it into the strip ever since. So if you don't like today's strip Blame Joff.
The kids and the Boat Rixxi parties plan their quests continues tommorow.
Confession time. The reason I changed my line style was pure forgetfullness. While I was in Fairbanks I was supposed to buy more brush nib pens and I forgot! You can't get anything better that a sharpie here in town. So I went to the style I am using now to make the best of what I have here. I kinda like it but I wonder how you all feel about it. Let me know

Thu, 06 Apr 2006

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