Who the hell is running the school while Wheels and the gang runs around Terra? Porsche.
Porsche is a Tauren. She is of the druid disciplin
and incidently Princess Fury's Druidical instructor. Moonlore also a druid is the head of security. The day I did the strip with Moonlore helping Fury was because after about 50 tries I could not draw Porsche. (Porsche appears in the "Hottub" picture way back in the beginning.)Now that I have her fleshed her out and my issues resolved you will be seeing her soon. And yes it is a FILLER. Sorry real life is intruding and "gasp" it may be nessassary to do one again tommorow. Please forgive me it cannot be helped.
See you all tommorow

Mon, 01 May 2006

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