Tree House Pact


Curvy Tiger and Boo make a deal. Should be mutually beneficial! Lets see how it goes.
I like how this strip looks. It also helps that I like Boo and Curvy Tiger.

It's Back

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I believe that the Archives here are now complete. Once the Black Knight finishes his coding I will add the Gallery, Touch and Go Tommy and Tales from the Institute!

What does a touch of second sight mean? Lady Khalla has second sight and it only annoys everyone around her she likes it just fine. The gift of second sight allows the person to for example see oh the bridge is going to fail and collapse! Everyone stay off the bridge. Very useful. A touch of second sight would be. "Something bad is going to happen today." When the bridge collapses under you you can say "oh that must be the bad thing." Very Annoying -

Mon, 14 Oct 2013

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