That’s my Job


So it seems the mourning for Tian Shan will be limited. Having been magically compelled to do what ever Tian Shan must have been awful. Sierra Nevada escaped from her mother’s grasp when she was sent to the city of Haven on an errand for the villain. The village was sent to the other Earth and that snapped the spell. Sierra Nevada was free. When rescued she fell in love with Plug and went to school. She was so happy when Lana brought her lost sister home. But what she hadn't counted on was that the spell of obedience was still active, and when Tian Shan opened her mouth in Sierra Nevada’s presence the young Ranger student was once again in her mother’s power. Hindu Kush saved her sister. It gauls Sierra Nevada as she felt that as the eldest, it was her job to save Hindu Kush.

Wed, 31 Mar 2021

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